Thursday, January 26, 2012

January mailbox fun

Have you ever seen such a grin as this? I don't think I'd want one of my cats looking at me that way.

I love this card from Belarus! The caption, translated, says "No matter that they seem quite old to some - There is no hurdle that they cannot overcome!". I'm guessing they just had a big cat grin at them and they're running away.

This is a handmade card from Germany. The bear (Leo) accompanied the photographer when she visited Central Park in New York. It's always more fun to have a friend along when you travel.

A Jip & Janneke card from The Netherlands. I don't know what the cow's name is.

Finnish artist Reijo Kela's "The Silent People". If you have a very large back yard and lots of time on your hands, you could always fill it with scarecrows.

During this cold and rainy Oregon January, a map of the Caribbean looks very inviting. I wouldn't mind an island in the sun right about now.

 Or, I could just go skiing.

The papier-mache owls bid you good evening, whoooooever you are.

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