Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Setting out from Rabbitville

Don't you just love this old illustration? It's from a 1935 children's book called "What They Say in Rabbitville", by Ruth Mary Hallock (1876-1945). I think Rabbitville is a great place for us to start our adventures this year.

As always, you can bring along any strange friends you may have.

Here are a few cards I have recently received.

This is an ad for a Finnish production of Stephen Sondheim's musical play "A Little Night Music".

A very cold Russian bird

From 1930, a Japanese blue and white vase showing a grape tree and a squirrel.

Although the correct name of these Malaysian ferries is "Penang-Butterworth Ferries", to me they will always be the Peanut Butter Ferries.

I will leave you today with an interesting mandala image from India.

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