Sunday, August 07, 2011

Here, There and Everywhere

Even after years of swapping postcards around the world, it's still a pleasure to reach into the mailbox not knowing what I will find. The variety I receive is tremendous: typical tourist cards, art cards, map cards, silly cards, "awwww" cards (cute animals), historical cards, old black & white photographs, and probably something completely different tomorrow. Here are some of my little "pleasures", with thanks to all the swappers who sent them.

Poreč, a very old city in Croatia. Ancient Roman structures and streets can be seen here.

I love reproductions of old transportation and advertising posters.

Guess where! Yes, you're right! This is Holland. How could you tell?

Occasionally I get a card from closer to home, for example this reminder to schedule my next dentist appointment. Those dentists - such a sense of humor.

Beautiful Porto, Portugal. One of its famous exports, port wine, is named for this city.

Australian Aboriginal Art

Ontario, Canada

"Awwww" postcards aren't always cute animals. Sometimes they are cute kids. This card came from Belgium.

A street scene in Warsaw, Poland.

That's all for today, folks!

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