Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Put on your best hat

Ok, ladies and gents, dig through your closet and find a colorful hat and some clunky, but comfortable, shoes. Meet me at the corner bus stop. We have a lot of ground to cover today.

If you were to plan your holiday through a 15th century Czechoslovakian travel agency, the following journey "to the end of the world" might be suggested to you. In fact, the journey only goes as far as Portugal but that doesn't sound nearly as exciting as "the end of the world". If this is Tuesday, you must be in Avignon on your charger.

Well, I guess that isn't a very realistic trip to plan, so let's try this instead.  Who wouldn't like to go to Maine, where you can experience "The Way Life Should Be"? Puffins, yes, very good. Life should have puffins. Lobster, definitely. Fishing, hunting...meh, if you like that sort of thing. Moose on the highway as you speed around a corner......not so much. Temperatures cold enough to freeze your blueberries....I don't think so. The motto should be changed to "The Way Life Should Be, Partially".

While we are up north freezing our donuts off, we might as well take in Canada. Notice the family in the runaway hot air balloon screaming for help. They really didn't intend to go to the Yukon.

My, but I do hope you wore a warm coat today, because next we go north of the Arctic Circle. There is no attempt here to convince anyone that life should be like this. Several countries have planted the flags of other countries, hoping that someone else will claim the land.

South now, to Germany, land of beer. You can compete in the "Man vs. Beer" tournament if you wish. By drinking all the bottles on this wall you will get your name engraved on a plaque. And such a headache.

After all that beer, you will definitely need a map to find your way out of the country, with all the rest stops marked along the way.

You can take off those silly hats now, we're home. I know you're tired after today's journeys, but do take a few minutes to watch this. It is the funniest dog video I've ever seen. I have to watch it at least twice a day.

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Lyn said...

I have that Canada card! Now I feel very slightly famous (I'm easy)