Monday, April 25, 2011

Belated Happy Easter!

I hope you and your families had a great Easter yesterday! Following an old Irish tradition we had an Easter dinner of Mexican food this year. Somewhere I'm sure a Latino family was having ham, so it all evens out.

Easter is one of the most dangerous holidays, as I'm sure you know. We can't really blame the poor bunnies because we started the whole biting-the-ear-off thing, and now it's just one of those blood feuds with no end in sight. Some bunnies have even taken to hiding eggs in very treacherous spots. It's probably too late to warn you now, but don't be looking for goodies in an alligator patch.

It's also wise to avoid hunting for eggs in pastures that contain anything with horns. Although an old Model-T would probably be harmless.

If you insist upon being foolish but are fortunate enough to survive your encounter with an unfriendly bull, you might qualify to be set in bronze, with a cape over your arm and your Easter egg held proudly aloft.

More likely, you will walk dejectedly through the rest of your life, wondering what might have been if you weren't so stupid.

Oh now that's just depressing. Time to cheer up. Invite your local raccoon out for a beer and be thankful you survived another holiday.

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