Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year, Same Old Blog

I am back from holiday limbo and I'm trying to remember how to blog. Feel free to celebrate - kick up your heels - if you are so inclined. I think I will join you.

Whew! I get so dizzy when I twirl. 

OK, time to get serious. Ha! Like that's going to happen!

Did you know that if you sit on a park bench long enough you will turn to stone? But you won't get dizzy.

This man sat down for a few minutes to let his Big Mac and fries settle, and look what happened. He should have danced instead.  (The Big Mac is still in pristine condition in his stomach.)

Now I know this sounds boring, but take a look at these Creative and Unique benches.

You want to know how old I am? I can remember real live orange groves in California. And avocado orchards, and blue skies with no smog. This card was mailed from Covina, California in February of 1926, a little before my time. The sender reported that the weather was very warm and all the flowers were in bloom. She lived in Ohio, so she thought this was paradise. Her family is still waiting for her to come home.

So long for now from the cats, the parrot, the goldfish and the humanoids who live here.

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