Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Japanese Box

Whenever I see a card or a graphic image that includes non-English text, I can't help but wonder if the words really relate to the picture, or if they just look good but are nonsense. For example "The Japanese Box" picture above. There are a number of possibilities here. The Japanese characters might say:

1.  "Always use a straw when drinking", or, in Japanese, "Please to suck quietly"

2.  "Why are these women standing so close to me?"

3.  "Why is my hair purple?"

4.  "Fishermen catch giant fried shrimp"

On to Europe!


A little "Propaganda de Portugal Society" reminding us that Portugal is the closest European country to the Americas. So if you are racing your friends (or your enemies) to Europe, buy a ticket to Portugal.  If not, buy a ticket for where you really want to go. Portugal is still acceptable, but be aware it is filled with Type A personality tourists who have participated in a race to get there and are a bit frazzled.

Maybe you'd rather go to Ireland.  You've probably heard of coulrophobia which is an exaggerated fear of clowns. But have you ever heard of someone being afraid of a leprechaun?  Me either. But you can be frightened by the color green, and that is called chromatophobia. So anyone who is chromatophobic should avoid Ireland, and also Oregon.

  Wherever you go on your travels, remember....once you get there, you can always come home.

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